Ishq Murshid drama episode 8 promo and teaser:

Ishq Murshid drama details:

written by                            Abdul Khaliq khan

Directed by                         Farooq Rind

Story by                              Abdul Khaliq khan

Opening theme                ‘ Ishq Murshid Mera’ by Ahmed Jahanzeb

Composer                          Ahmed Jahanzeb

Original language              Urdu

Ending theme                    ‘Ishq Murshid Mera’ by Ahmed Jahanzeb

                          Starring and Cast

  • Bilal Abbas khan
  • Dur e Fishan Saleem


Executive producer                    Moomal Shunaid

Running time                              39 minutes

Production Companies              Moomal Enertainment and MD production

                          Original release

Release  date                           Oct 8,2023

Network                                    Hum TV

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